Artists We Will Miss – In Memoriam

Grace Irene Taylor

Grace Taylor, a beloved member of the Artique Artist’s Cooperative  passed away at her home on February 14, 2013.

Grace moved to Powell River in 2006 after retiring from a distinguished career nursing in Saskatchewan.

Her love for this area and of the many beautiful flowers that she nurtured in her garden is evident in the exquisite paintings she created while working in the studio her husband Vic, built in their back yard.  Here she found peace and focus to work many hours, experimenting with a variety of techniques, while choosing largely to express herself in watercolours.  Delicate pinks and blues, vibrant yellows and rich, fluid backgrounds were some of the trademark features of her work. The beauty and elegance that was Grace shone through in all her paintings.

As a member of Artique, Grace was ready and willing to take on any job that was asked of her.  She showed kindness and support for any and all members of the group, quietly affirming others’ art and acting as a teacher for those interested in learning from her.

In 1967 Grace’s quiet strength and kindness was recognized by a fellow student of her nursing class in these words, “A soul of rarest courage, a heart of purest gold.”

Grace was much loved and is sadly missed by our art community.   Her paintings continue to shine her light on us.

One thought on “Artist Memorials

  1. Caroline Brown says:

    Grace was wonderful. So was Gloria Wick, another talented Artique member (painter), who passed away in 2009.

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