Helena was born in 1959 in Powell River BC, and has lived in coastal BC her entire life.  After spending many years working and raising a family on Vancouver Island, she moved back home to the west coast rain forests where she grew up and developed her strong attachment to nature.  Countless hours spent under the canopy of the trees, forest clearings, and mountains developed a high appreciation of the beauty there.  This is reflected in the details in her work, whether watercolour, acrylic or oils…inspiring her line of “westcoastwildoriginal”s.

Two years of formal training at UVic and many years of practice since then have honed a style that is uniquely hers and since retiring she has divided her time between her passions: family, painting and gardening.

My work starts with an image or a moment in time that I’m drawn to, for whatever reason…all are fair game when it’s time to put pencil to paper or canvas and apply the colour.  I tend towards realism, but aim to keep it loose enough that a piece doesn’t become overworked.  I love intense colour as much as colours fading due to age and patina or the delicate hues that sometimes get lost in the mad rush to brilliance.  My art highlights things overlooked or removes those which distract from what I wish to highlight.  My aim is to evoke my feelings when I am in my element; under the canopy of the west coast rainforest, on a mountain, or near the ocean… I hope my paintings take you there as well!