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Fibres of wool, strands of silk, water and a squeeze of soap….. let the bubbles begin. The result: unique felted wearable art and extremely clean hands. Welcome to my creative space the art of blended fibres and imagination. The passion to create unique pieces have been part of my longing in life that started with printing fabric and designing garments in the mid 80’s. I was in constant search of that unique textured fabric and blended colours to inspire the creation of the garment.

Fast forward, after experimenting with many fibre mediums, I discovered a whole new world to satisfy the search for my blend of colours and texture, using silk, extra fine merino fibres and anything else that adds to the texture and colour in the felt, not the item that, by accident, finds it way into the dryer but fibres layered and blended in a controlled felting environment.

Hand dyed fibres, painting and dyeing the silk fabrics to give each piece something special for that person looking for that one of a kind wearable art.