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Ursula Medley


Urs Head shot

Ursula Medley was born in Bogota, Colombia, and immigrated to Canada when she was 7 years old. In the mid 60s she moved to the SF Bay Area where she had time to visit art museums and began to paint. In the early 70s she returned to BC and continued to paint and freelance as an artist in various aspects of painting including scenic painting for film industry, theatre set painting and decorative painting.

After moving to Powell River in 2001 Medley became active in Malaspina Art Society, taught painting at Vancouver Island University and organized art history and painting trips to Tuscany and Venice. The Italian Renaissance paintings inspired her to study their techniques and recipes.

Working within the rich traditions of European and Canadian landscape painting, Ursula Medley brings her subject under the microscope, focusing on the garden as landscape. Medley’s recent work employs her unique techniques developed for on location painting. Her gardenscapes nod at the rich traditions of Emily Carr and the Group of Seven while bringing the Canadian Landscape in from the wilds to our own backyards.

Ursula’s CV 2015


Look to the Light oil on canvas 42x42%22

Look to the Light oil on canvas 42×42”

Golden Elm oil on canvas 42x42%22

Golden Elm oil on canvas 42×42”

Tangled Garden

Tangled Garden oil on canvas 42×42”

Mermaid Cove Trail Head 12x12 op

Mermaid Cove Trailhead oil on panel 12×10”

Skunk Cabbage 12x10 op

Skunk Cabbage oil on panel 12×10”

Eagle River Swim Hole 12x12 op

Eagle River Swim Hole oil on panel 12×12”

Storm over Malaspia 60x96%22oil on canvas

Storm over Malaspina oil on canvas diptych 60×96”

Mermaid Cove 12x12 op

Mermaid Cove oil on panel 12×12″

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