Steven Grover is a local photographer with a keen interest in the natural places of our region. Steven has been a photographer for over 25 years and produced images for several photo stock agencies for much of that time. His formal photographic education is a combination of courses at Focal Point in Vancouver, working at several photographic businesses and the self- study of inspiring photographer’s works. Steven feels that he was particularly influenced by the images of Canadian photographer/teacher Freeman Patterson and the late American photographer, Galen Rowell. Steven’s work includes nature, travel, artistic nude and various commercial projects. Since 2018 Steven has begun painting in acrylics that are often inspired by his photography. Steven’s original acrylic paintings, framed photographic prints, photo art cards and a new photo book of his Environmental Nude work are now available for viewing and purchase at Artique.


Original acrylic painting 8 X 10 Framed. Title “Texada Island Ferry at Sunset”


Dragon Man Painting, original acrylic 8 X 12.


Texada Island Ferry at Sunset


Super moon lunar eclipse Jan. 20, 2019 Powell River, B.C.



.... .

Original acrylic painting 11 X 14. Titled ” Sunlit Waters”


Original acrylic painting 20 X 24. Titled “Part of this World”


Original acrylic painting 11 X 14. Titled ” The Swimmers”


Original acrylic painting 18 X 24 framed. Titled “Scottish Black Waters”



Close Encounter, 11 X 14 Framed photo print


Breaching Orca, 16 X 20 canvas photo print


Dolphin Sunset 11 X 14 canvas photo print
Pacific White Sided dolphins near Powell River, B.C. Image taken Nov.4, 2011.
Stellers Sea Lions resting on Vivian Island in B.C.’s Georgia Strait.
Double lightning strikes over the Strait of Georgia.
Mist over Trout Lake near Sechelt, B.C.


2 thoughts on “Steven Grover

  1. Ray Schumacher says:

    I’m looking for an old friend named Steve Grover who I was in the army with in the early 70’s. I hope to heard fro you some time.
    Ray Schumacher

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