Powell River's Own Local Artist Shop

Our Artists


  • Richard Benson
  • Karin Birch
  • Janet Blair
  • Carole Bowes
  • Bob Brackenbury
  • Mischa Brooks-Thoma
  • Caroline Brown
  • Wendy Brown
  • Susan Canning
  • Sharon Dennie
  • Jane Dow
  • Lorna Downie
  • Joyce Furness
  • Steven Grover
  • Caroline Jobe
  • Robby Matheson
  • Dennis MacRae
  • Gail McMahon
  • Robert Scott McMillan
  • David Molyneaux
  • Skye Morrison
  • Jo Murray
  • Alfred Muma
  • Janna Packard
  • Maggie Poole
  • Tim Poole
  • Conrad Sarzynick
  • Lyla Smith
  • Janet Southcott
  • Terry Weatherill
  • Gwen Welp
  • Linda Werner

Comments on: "Our Artists" (4)

  1. Hi, I’ve been hoping to see some of Terry Weatherill’s work but have lost his email. Could you pass mine on to him so he can contact me by email?
    Thank you in advance,

  2. Donna Jennett Kukler said:

    Thought Carmen Gehring was a member

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