I care passionately about the creatures we share this planet with. Each one has a unique intelligence and multiple physical and mental adaptations to the habitat it was born into. Each species is gifted with a remarkable essence, and that has fascinated me my whole life. I strive to capture this essence with my photographs of local wildlife, and I use as many of my own photo images as I can in my art. I use rags, fingers, brushes and palette knives in my acrylic painting.

I was a public school educator. Often, during summer holidays I took courses at Emily Carr School of Art on Granville Island. I loved being an art student and I loved, in my teaching, to create opportunities for students to show their learning and understanding using an artistic medium in all subject areas. Most children, like most adults, are visual learners. So I went back to school to get a Master’s Degree in Environmental Education. That way I could get students out of the classroom and into nature, hiking and drawing. I hiked and drew with them. They liked that and so did I. Because the last school I taught at had an integrated Arts curriculum, not only was art a mandatory requirement in all subject learning, but our administration frequently brought in artists to give both the teaching staff and the students workshops, so that we could all develop
our artistic understanding. When I retired and moved to Powell River four years ago, I took some private art lessons from Joyce Furness, drawing and painting classes from Rick Cepella at VIU, then moved onto seasonal group painting sessions with Ursula Medley. Those three artists are passionate, highly skilled and intuitive artists and teachers; and all three helped to cultivate my confidence, passion and skill base, and I’m very grateful to them.

Contact:  604 483 7709 / lesdav.pr@telus.net