Kara Barkved is an established international selling artist, born in Montreal but has lived in BC since 1969, recently relocating from the Okanagan to Powell River.  Kara has a BFA (1983) and an MA (1991),from the University of Victoria.  She has studied art, art therapy and psychology, and has been involved in the arts and visual arts all of her life. Kara is a versatile artist working in different mediums, including but not limited to acrylic, oil/cold wax  mixed media and watercolour and whose main interest is in Intuitive Abstract Art.  Her paintings evolve out of spontaneous marks that mingle with her imagination and the influence from the world around her, especially nature, with flowing line and organic shapes.  

Kara’s current work is available at Artique, Nadine’s Fine Arts in Vernon, and online at Saatchi, Facebook:  Artist Kara Barkved, Instagram @karabarkvedart and her website: www.karabarkved.ca

She has taught classes to private individuals as well as groups, and accepts commission work.

“I love to paint. I love line.  I love colour.  I love abstract art.  I love the fact the the world is not as it seems. How is it that invisible things at work define our world and move throughout our universe? Inspiration for my art comes from the coastal environment where I live.  It’s imagery seeps into my work intuitively, from the unseen universe and onto the 2 dimensional world of my canvas”