Powell River's Own Local Artist Shop

Conrad Sarzynick

Conrad Sarzynick Artist Statement

Transforming wood into sculpture is an act of discovery. Beginning with the wood, I see what it has to offer and where this can lead me. What can be done with a log full of cracks, a knotted burl, a precut plank, or even a half-rotted stump? What will the final piece look like? The particular characteristics of a piece of wood determine what I will cut away and what I will keep. As I am working, each new curve or angle carved from the wood reveals what the next step will be. Each wandering crack is a new challenging clue. Like a dinosaur bone buried in earth, the sculpture is in there somewhere, and I will find it. I create my sculptures as starting points for the imagination. I capture glimpses of hidden worlds that peek around the edges of everyday reality. When the opportunity arises, they unfold fully formed and strangely familiar. And even though we do not always know what is going on, we do know something IS going on. When I am carving a character, the scenario or story they are in or the emotions conjured releases the imagination. In my more abstract pieces I create shapes that are reminiscent of natural forces, of birds and fish and currents of wind, that welcome multiple interpretations. I enjoy when someone tells me they see something in one of my sculptures that I didn’t even consider. My work is about discovery, both during the process of making and experiencing a finished piece.

I am an artist whose prominent medium is sculpture in wood. I am also a poet, collage artist and painter. I am self-taught and have been carving wood since the mid nineties. I reside in Powell River British Columbia and can be reached by email at:


The Air Is Thick Like Water_03 The Air Is Thick Like Water_01 Shroud_01 Riss_01 Reenin_01 Emerging_01 Emerging_02 Emerging_03 Jenna And Momma_01 Lioness-Protection_01 Ember_02 Ember_01 Dreaming Itself Boneless_01 Crystalized Dreambone_02 Crystalized Dreambone_01 DSC00824 DSC00825

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