Caroline Jobe

Painter, Photographer

Born in England and raised in Montreal, Caroline has always been expressing herself in some form of art.  She only started to take it seriously in the 1980s when she produced large paintings done on sheets as wall hangings and participated in an art show with 6 African artists in Montreal.  Mostly painting for pleasure for years, Caroline moved out to BC in the 90’s and landed in Powell River, where she became one of the founding members of the first artists’ co op, ARTFEST in 2000.  The next incarnation of the co op was ARTBANK in the townsite old bank of Montreal building and from then it moved to its current location as ARTIQUE.  Along with Nancy Davis Gonsalez, Caroline coordinated the artists and with Nancy’s expertise as an exhibition technician from the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, the gallery became what it is today.  Many artists have come and gone and the co op happily marches on.

Caroline now paints in acrylic whatever strikes her fancy.  Usually happy colourful subjects, Caroline refers to her work as “colouring”.  She has passed the “angst” stage of youth and is now painting for fun.

She is also a third generation photographer, her grandfather and mother were both professionals.  Caroline also “plays” with the photos on the computer and enhances and filters her images to her liking.

She has participated in many shows at VIU and in large group shows that were held in Powell River.  Her work is in private homes in Montreal, Vancouver, Gibson’s, and also in California.

For more info: 604-485-9440



 Selfie with Gabby




 Tahiti Dream





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